About us

The Paraclub de Gran Canaria was founded in 1977. Our skydiving club is located in the Real Aeroclub de Gran Canaria. All Aeroclub facilities are available to users who come to jump and all equipment complies with Spanish Royal Aeronautical Federation. There's a full calendar for the year ranging from display jumps to championships and rallies throughout the Canary Islands.
Our courses are accredited by the International Aeronautical Federation. The Paraclub de Gran Canaria offers different courses relating to the ability and preference of the parachutist. These range from accelerated freefall courses to tandem jumps with an instructor. We also can cater for those wanting to do different types of jump, from freefalling to skysurfing to formation skydiving.
If your dream's to fly, get in touch with the Paraclub de Gran Canaria. We'll make your dream come true.
Our skydiving club has access to facilities located in the Aerodromo El Berriel next to the Royal Aeroclub de Gran Canaria. If you come to skydive with us, you're free to use them. These include a restaurant, barbecue and picnic area, 33-metre-long saltwater pool, kids' pool, gardens and recreational spaces, three tennis courts, private camping area, a shingle beach, and a sandy one too.
We're also surrounded by several diving centres, windsurfing venues, a go-kart track, and many hotels, nightclubs, and discos. There's free WiFi plus computers available for skydivers.